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Spankadoo, which comes in three different shapes, will allow you to get complete satisfaction. Thanks to its one-size-fits-all design and a variety of inner textures, Spankadoo will give you enormous pleasure – pleasure you could only dream about so far. Thoroughly tested and discreetly shipped, Spankadoo comes with our total privacy, quality and satisfaction guarantee!

Your Spankadoo uses ultra-lubricating gel to provide perfect viscosity so that you can enjoy even more intense sensations. When you are focused on your own sexual stimulation nothing else can compete with enormous pleasure that Spankadoo is able to give you. Best of all, this sex toy is here to help you orgasm with no chit-chat or excuses. After you try it once, you will beg for more!

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Due to the highest quality medical-grade latex materials and great attention to detail, Spankadoo exceeds all quality standards set by leading experts for a pleasure device. Carefully inspected and packaged for shipping, your Spankadoo may last forever if properly cared for. Simply wash it with soapy water before and after each use, properly lubricate during fantasy sessions and feel the difference Spankadoo makes to the intensity of your orgasms!

With your own Masturbator Spankadoo you can explore your body and find out what exactly gives you the most pleasure. Skin-friendly, easy and safe to use, Spankadoo will give you satisfaction you deserve. Being a better lover starts with knowing your own body best. Achieve earth-shattering orgasms and improve your sex skills in complete privacy. Spankadoo is always ready and at your fingertips!
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